You are loved

Dear Singles,

Today is Valentine’s Day and I pray that on this day you will know that you are loved beyond measure, by the One who created love and made it such a sought after thing.

It gets me every time when I hear 1 Corinthians 13 read out in the movie, ‘A Walk to Remember’.  God’s love for us is so immense, so far beyond what we can imagine.

Know today, that you are valued, beautiful/handsome, talented, gifted, amazing and full of purpose.  Know that He pursues you every day, longing to be close to you.

Be confident – You.Are.His! He loves you enough to die for you.  He loves you enough to care about every detail of your life.

Let today be all about love.  The best.  His.

Love from your friend,
A girl who’s grown to know that God’s got this – this moment and every one hereafter.

Happy Valentines! xxx


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