Seen // Unseen

If you’ve ever felt that maybe, “He’s/She’s just not into you”, read on to discover just who does see, notice and love you, and what to do about it.

I spoke with a friend this week who has come to the realisation that the guy she likes is not interested in her. A couple of days later, I had to giggle to myself when she sent me a picture of a book she stumbled upon in an op shop. It’s title: “He’s Just Not That Into You”. I wasn’t laughing at her, but rather a knowing, ‘Yes, sometimes that guy just won’t be interested and there’s no point hoping he might be’.

Sometimes we cling to things that were never meant to be ours – the guy who ‘might’ one day like you; or some other thing (think of the comparison trap – wanting what another person has).

The truth is we’re to cling to Jesus! He is. Full-stop. He is the fulfillment of God’s promises to us, to give us a hope and a future. He is Victorious. King. Lover. Friend. Faithful. One who sees us.

That last one hit home for me when I heard from my friend of the guy who hasn’t pursued her. My heart ached for her. I know what it feels like to long to be loved and noticed. To wait… and… be overlooked…

Yet, God always notices us. Always chooses us (even when He knows and sees us at our worst). He created us, gifted us, set us apart for a holy calling.

He gave us hearts after His own. Hearts designed to love Him and others. Hearts that embrace grace and mercy. Hearts desiring justice. Hearts linked to Heaven, always longing for more. More of Him! Christ revealed in all His glorious splendour.

So lovely, while you’re waiting, you’re also not waiting – your Prince has come, riding on a white horse, clad in shining armour, scarred with wounds that tell of how He fought to protect you… Love him. Wait upon Him (dwell in His presence)…

And know that whether your earthly husband has arrived or not, you’ve already won the greatest prize (all of His doing too – a beautiful gift given freely to us). Embrace Him, as He does you. You are loved.

In Genesis 16 we read the story of Hagar. She felt unloved and unseen, yet in verse 13, we see how her perspective changed…

“The Lord talked to Hagar. She began to use a new name for God. She said to him, “You are ‘God Who Sees Me (El roi).’” She said this because she thought, “I see that even in this (wilderness) place God sees me and cares for me” (Easy Read Version) … with understanding and compassion! (Amplified version)””.

Hagar’s life was not what she had imagined it would be. Nevertheless, God was with her. He is with you too, ‘even in this place’ where you find yourself today. Whether it is what you’ve planned and dreamt of, or something entirely different. He is Immanuel/Emmanuel, God with us. God with you (and with me).


A girl growing more in love with the One who sees her…

Scripture references: The Holy Bible (various translations)

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