Hope made real

If I hope to get fit, I put my joggers on and go to the gym. If I hope to be a wife and mum I… (come find out!)

For a long time, I’ve dreamt of having an amazing husband and beautiful children, and the joys (and trials) that would come from being a wife and mum.  But you see I’m not a pipe dream kind of girl.  I’m not happy to just sit back with a vague thought in the back of my mind, that maybe one day my dreams will come to pass. 
Hebrews 11:1 says, “Faith is being sure of the things we hope for…  and convicted of their reality” (New Century and Amplified Versions). 

I know that when we’re sure of something, we take action.  For example, if we’re sure it’s going to rain, we take our umbrella out with us.  If we’re sure we’re going camping, we take a tent.  If we’re sure we’re going to the gym, we take our joggers.
So doesn’t it make sense when we are sure of our dreams to follow through with some appropriate action?  I think so!

And that is why, in January, I wrote a list of monthly goals for 2015 – things to do to cement and make real my dreams – evidence of the fabulous future that’s ahead of me.  Just one example is that I’m sewing and crocheting some nursery items and clothes for my future babies!  I’m excited to plan and pray for these little ones, to prepare my heart and my home for their footsteps, and to let my dreams well up within me as an assurance that one day, I’m going to be Mum to some gorgeous bubs!

Check out the picture of my latest project – aren’t these pants just the cutest!!!  They remind me of my Grandad who has always worn suspenders.


No doubt some people will tell me that my plan will make me look like a ‘crazy cat lady’ (no I don’t own any cats!) and they’ll warn me that I’ll scare away all potential husbands (because clearly guys meeting girls who are in their 30s wouldn’t already assume that they may want kids one day… um, yeah, that’s totally crazy and unexpected). 

Yet others will stand with me and cheer me on. 

Either way, I don’t care. 

I’m a girl on a mission, a person with a plan!  A girl who believes that God is faithful and will provide a way for the hopes and dreams He has placed in my heart, to come to pass.  I’m not sitting back waiting for life to fall in my lap; I’m actively pursuing it.

I’m a girl growing the hope within me! 

I’d love to hear your stories and see your photos of how you’re putting action to your hopes and dreams!  Feel free to share …

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2 thoughts on “Hope made real

  1. Hi Alison, I loved reading this post? Law of attraction, if you want something you need to attract it you or something like that. I too made a list of goals for this year.


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