Journeying with Jesus #6: Trust

When you hear the words, 'Trust God', what comes to mind? Come on a journey with me to unpack 'TRUST'.

Journeying with Jesus #5

What is my destiny? What is my purpose in life? Why am I here? The age-old questions. Come with me to unpack these ideas a little...

Journeying with Jesus #4 Part 2

To love is to honour and protect others, to place value upon them, to extend forgiveness and mercy, and to be generous. What might this look like in your life? Read on to find out...

Journeying with Jesus #4 Part 1

What does it mean to truly love another? Come discover with me...

Journeying with Jesus #3

Noble character is full of wisdom, grace, mercy and love. How can we develop this more in our own lives?

Journeying with Jesus #2

Who am I? What a question to ponder, to reflect on, to consider the mystery of... The answer is found in Christ. He tells us who we are - beautiful, chosen & loved. Read on to find out more...

Same same but different 

People watching - I love it! You too? You can learn so much from observing. Lately God has been showing me how ‘same same but different’ we are. People… Different ages, genders, sizes, shapes, cultures, beliefs & family backgrounds. Different levels of education. Different degrees of poverty and wealth. Different skills, gifts & talents. Different [...]

Treading water// Oceans deep

When you find yourself treading water, just hold tight to your mustard seed sized faith and remember that He loves you. Trust. He has you in oceans deep.