The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

A little post about the Good, the Bad & the Ugly men in my world, the lessons they’ve taught me and the giggles they’ve brought me! 🙂

In my last post (Thanks guys!), I wrote about the ‘good’ guys who’ve blessed my life so much.  This post is about the bad boys and ugly ones (no rudeness intended!) – not a man-bashing message (I hate that kind of stuff), but a look at how they’ve shaped my life for good.

So, here’s to

… that boy in High School who tried his best to destroy my beliefs – he helped me develop determination to always stand up for what I value and to not be shaken by the opinions of others.

… the guy who proposed and then threatened to commit suicide when I said no – although I didn’t sleep so well that night, I did learn that other people’s decisions are not my responsibility (and in case you’re wondering, no, he didn’t kill himself!).

… the bloke who considered me to be his ‘flavour of the month’, then ran off with another chick – he reminded me that if a man doesn’t value me for who I am, then he is not the one for me.

… the ones who’ve wanted me to compromise on my values – they’ve helped me to take a step back to look at the bigger picture and make the decisions that would give me the life I really want.

… the stalker who hung about my workplace criticising my love of coloured popcorn.  He taught me to never date a man that bags out your food, and to steer clear of the cleaner (yep, that was his mum and she thought we’d make a great couple, vomit vomit)!  Just kidding, but seriously, that did happen and I am so grateful that I don’t have to settle for ‘average Joe’.

… those who I just didn’t find attractive, who’ve made me grateful that I have the freedom to choose whom I date and marry! Looks might not be everything, but it doesn’t hurt to find someone who’s at least a little pleasing to the eyes .

Ah, yes, there’s been some doozies, but looking back I can laugh and appreciate so many things …

Hope you have some funny and ridiculous stories that you can reflect on too!  Life’s too short to take silly things too seriously – those randoms that just weren’t right shouldn’t hold you back or down – just glean the lessons and giggles you can, and move right along…

I’m a girl growing a backpack full of crazy stories hee hee,

Have an amazing day!

P.S. If you’re a girl or guy who’s had the misfortune of experiencing abuse at the hands of another person – someone who’s actions have been very Bad and whose heart has been Ugly, I’m truly sorry.  It’s never okay for someone to harm another like that.  You are worth far more than they will ever know, and I pray that you’ll be able to rise above the hurt they’ve caused you, so that you can live the incredible, purposeful life you’re truly designed for.  You have greatness and beauty within and so much to offer the world!  Hang in there!  Love you! xx

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