Vultures of Vulnerability

Vulture circles overhead. Victim unaware. Fatal attack. Read on, to discover how to avoid becoming a victim unawares to your own vulnerabilities.

Have you ever watched a hawk or eagle circle around the sky, before swooping down to attack it’s prey? The circling seems long, slow and ever so deliberate. The attack: swift, ferocious, deadly. 

I liken this to our experience of vulnerability. We, the prey. The vulture: our own thoughts, the hurtful words or actions of others (intentional or otherwise), particular dates on the calendar that leave us feeling weak or threatened, and of course, the devil himself. 

Each one of us has areas in our lives where we may be more vulnerable than we’d like to be. Often these come from insecurities, painful losses, grief, or unfulfilled longings/dreams. Generally, they speak of places where we need healing, hope, freedom and security.

It’s easy for an unprepared animal to fall victim to the bird circling overhead. It can’t defend itself against what it doesn’t realise is there. 

As people, we’re fortunate to have some ‘meerkats’ on the lookout to warn us of potential dangers (Have you seen how they look out for one another and send out an alert signal when danger is present? If not, go check them out at a zoo or jump online and find a video.  They’re pretty fabulous!). 

Back to us… You might recognise when your thoughts start spinning out of control, or when the words and actions of others have left you feeling vulnerable. You may know that particular dates on the calendar are hard for you (possibly a holiday or an anniversary of an event). You might know the voice of the devil who taunts you with his lies, telling you that you’re not enough, or that you deserve what you’re going through, or that you’re unloved and unworthy. 

So… be prepared. Have an action plan. This way, you’ll be ready to spot the vulture before it attacks, and you can be on the defense. 

Some simple ideas:

  • Pray for strength and comfort. Ask others to pray for you too. 
  • Read your Bible and study what God says about you, your worth and the good plans He has for your life. 
  • Turn off the lies and step away from the reminders (you might need some social media free time). 
  • Get with good people, rather than isolating yourself. Plan a celebration or gathering with loved ones, so that you can turn the painful into something beautiful, special and memorable. 
  • Give thanks! Count your blessings. Look to the good. Be grateful! 
  • For the longer term… seek help – consider how you can strengthen yourself, deal with issues from your past, and move into the future secure in who you are, healed and whole, and brimming with hope (a confident expectancy of the good things to come). 

I’m a girl growing more victorious in the midst of my vulnerabilities. 


Photo credits:

Photo by Ivan Cujic

Photo by Paul Daley

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